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Air Operated Grease Pump 20L

• The barrel body is made of high-grade steel plate. It come to become even
  durable and lasting even more after being made manually.
• Suitable for all sort of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ship, etc. The efficient instrument
  for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication and maintenance purpose.
• Pump of separate type: Utilize the principle of liquid getting pumped and driven by
  air compressor to draw liquid.There are two independent and separate cycle
  systems of pump out there,which prevents air-compressor-exhaust moisture
  from getting to the oil inside the barrel and deteriorating its quality.
 Item No
 Air Input Pressure
 4 ~ 9 bar (60 ~ 130 psi)
 Pressure Ratio
 45 : 1
 Grease Output Pressure
 180 ~ 405 bar (2700 ~ 5850 psi)
 Deliver Rate
 16.5 g/sec
 Hose Length
 10 ft
 1set / 18.5 kgs / 21 kgs / 5.3'